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Constatine Season 1 DVD Boxset

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Constatine Season 1 DVD Special Features

Genres: Fantasy, Horror
Director: Neil Marshall
Starring: Matt Ryan, Lucy Griffiths
Supporting actors:Charles Halford, Harold Perrineau, Jeremy Davies, Lisa Darr, Miles Anderson, Victor McCay, Julia Lehman, Bailey Tippen, Daryn Kahn, Leon Lamar, Mark Ashworth, Sallye McDougald Hooks, Stephen Paul Astor, Fernando Martinez, Amy Lynn Tuttle, Jason Saucier, Tonia Jackson, Hillary Brant
Season year: 2015
Network: NBC
Producers: aniel Cerone, David S. Goyer, Dieter Ismagil, James Spies

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Constatine Season 1 DVD Overview

After preventing them from playing it on a radio station, Constantine is able to send it to Hell where it belongs with Papa Midnite swearing vengeance afterwards.John and Zed travel to Chicago, in search of Memphis bluesman Willy Cole's record, known as the Acetate. Legend has it that the Acetate contains the voice of the devil himself,Constatine Season 1 DVD which was recorded on when the devil came to claim Cole's soul during a recording session. The record is known to slowly freeze things on contact and anyone who hears the song dies while those who are near it and weak-willed become possessed. John and Zed also learn that Papa Midnite, a voodoo priest, wants the record to avoid having his soul sent to Hell,Constatine Season 1 DVD and that Midnite's hired men, having become possessed themselves, also want to broadcast the song to as many people as possible.

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