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The Flash Seasons 1-3 DVD Boxset

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The Flash Seasons 1-3 DVD Special Features
Actors: Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Keiynan Lonsdale
Language: English
Boxed Set: Yes    
Number of discs: 9
Condition: New    
Region: Region Free    
Weight: 1 kg
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL    
Rated: NR (Not Rated)    
DVD Release Date: 2017
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The Flash Seasons 1-3 DVD Boxset
The Flash Seasons 1-3 DVD Overview

Thus far, four different characters – each of whom somehow gained the power of "super-speed" – have assumed the mantle of the Flash in DC's history: college athlete Jay Garrick (1940–1951, 1961-present), forensic scientist Barry Allen (1956–1985, 2008–present), Barry's nephew Wally West (1986–2011, 2016–present), and Barry's grandson Bart Allen (2006–2007). Before Wally and Bart's ascension to the mantle of the Flash, each had been a protégé of the current Flash under the same name Kid Flash. Each incarnation of the Flash has been a key member of at least one of DC's premier teams: the Justice Society of America, The Flash Seasons 1-3 the Justice League, and the Teen Titans. The Flash is one of DC Comics' most popular characters and has been integral to the publisher's many reality-changing "crisis" storylines over the years. The original meeting of the Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick and Silver Age Flash Barry Allen in "Flash of Two Worlds" (1961) introduced the Multiverse storytelling concept to DC readers, which would become the basis for many DC stories in the years to come. Like his Justice League colleagues Superman and Batman, The Flash Seasons 1-3 DVD the Flash has a colourful and distinctive cast of adversaries, including the various Rogues (unique among DC supervillains for their code of honor) and the various psychopathic "speedsters" who go by the name Reverse-Flash. Other supporting characters in Flash stories include Barry's wife Iris West, Wally's wife Linda Park, friendly fellow speedster Max Mercury, and Central City police department members David Singh and Patty Spivot.

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